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Three ways to spend the day of love with the one you love: wine

RedThumb Natural Wine | The Latest | Three ways to spend the day of love with the one you love: wine | RedThumb Natural Wines

The day of love can be used for self-love

Christmas is spent around the tree, Thanksgiving around the table, but Valentine’s Day? Go out or stay in? Is it better spent with your friends or a significant other [or even a blind date, if you’re willing to take that risk]? Then again, there’s nothing wrong with a solo night, either, which is where I find myself this February.

If you forgot to make your reservation weeks in advance for an overpriced prix fixe meal, fret not: we’ve got some at-home suggestions for you [and each pairs wonderfully with your favorite RedThumb wine should you so choose].

Snacks and a movie (and wine)

Possibly one of the most quintessential Valentine’s Day ideas: a night in with a romcom. It’s the perfect activity for hanging with yourself, your friends, or even one of those “situationships” (complicated? That’s what the wine is for). And, if complicating things is what you’re into, why not make sangria? There are great recipes out there for rosé, chardonnay, or tempranillo, but don’t be afraid to tweak these to come up with your own concoction. For me, you can’t go wrong with a classic like When Harry Met Sally. If your situation is more “com” than “rom,” there’s always Friends with Benefits.

For a non-Valentine’s night in

If you don’t have someone to swoon over, Valentine’s can be a pretty cynical holiday, what with every brand under the sun angling for your love dollars (ahem). For those not paired up this Valentine’s Day, I’d advise working on the other pairings in your life—wine pairings. Chardonnay with oysters, rosé with a cheese board, or tempranillo and a pizza are all fun places to start. For entertainment, has there ever been a better pairing than Thelma & Louise? If you’re still looking for a bit of romance but with a darker twist (very much my speed), I’m a fan of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

For a tasty night in

Let’s not forget another V Day staple: a home-cooked dinner for [one or] two. The way to my heart is through my stomach, and cooking with wine is one of my favorite ways to try something new. Maybe it’s a shrimp scampi over some homemade pasta, or short ribs slowly braised in red wine. No judgment for sneaking a glass before dinner’s ready. For dessert, a classic creme brûlée [trust me it’s easier to make than you think] is nicely accompanied by some fresh berries macerated in rosé. Last but not least, an after-dinner aperitif is a solid way to end the evening. Right now I am loving (and recommend) Forthave Marseille Amaro.

Give yourself the gift of something new

Whether you’re spending the night with yourself or in the company of others, a new-to-me, quality glass of natural wine is a Valentine’s Day necessity in my book. From rich tones to crisp and refreshing flavors, there’s a bottle for every mood. Like most other things in my life (except when I’m deep in a bag of Cheetos), knowing what goes into the food I eat and the wine I drink is important. This is part of the reason I love natural wine, as the ones I gravitate to are low intervention and stick to the glorious, though unpredictable, basics of winemaking. Which is why RedThumb drinkers know what’s in each sip of our juice: we provide fully transparent labels and are committed to sourcing from biodynamic farming practices. Grab our natural wine starter pack this Valentine’s Day and try three varietals as honest as your love for a full glass.