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Should You Make Halloween Punch? RedThumb’s 5 Hot Takes on Halloween

RedThumb Natural Wine | The Latest | Should You Make Halloween Punch? RedThumb's 5 Hot Takes on Halloween | RedThumb Natural Wines

The RedThumb team partakes in more than just wine-related shenanigans. Halloween has the team gleaming with hot takes.


  1. Halloween punch? Don’t touch the stuff.
  2. Halloween wine ideas? Red wine as blood, drank out of goblets.
  3. Halloween memories?  Growing up in New Orleans, you never knew if you’d be sweating or freezing in your costume.
  4. Fave Halloween costumes? I was the lamest kid, ZERO creativity. I wanted to be a cheerleader every. single. year.
  5. Halloween foods? Mini snickers are like finger sandwiches, you can eat way more than a whole bar.


  1. Halloween punch? My go to Halloween drink is a White Russian (see number 4).
  2. Halloween wine ideas? Stick with red wine, if you spill it on yourself it will look like costume blood.
  3. Halloween memories? Shaving half of a friend’s head in college.
  4. Fave Halloween costumes? I dressed as The Dude for about six straight years.
  5. Halloween foods? Often imitated, never duplicated, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin is king.


  1. Halloween punch? I didn’t know Halloween punch was a thing.  On this day I’m usually having a cocktail instead.
  2. Halloween wine ideas?  Egri Bikavér?? … No! Just kill a bottle of RedThumb Tempranillo while you hand out candy to trick-or -treaters (avoid parental disapproval stares). 
  3. Halloween memories? Dark Carnival, New Orleans.
  4. Fave Halloween costumes? No Halloween costumes for me…and I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I dressed up as the grumpy Care Bear last year.
  5. Halloween foods? Candy Corn (and I’m not ashamed to admit it).


  1. Halloween punch? Mezcal, cucumber, lime, Cointreau, agave (it’s green).
  2. Halloween wine ideas? Sangria with eyeballs in addition to fruit? 
  3. Halloween memories? I was never into Halloween until I moved to New Orleans, actually. 
  4. Fave Halloween costumes? Morticia or Wednesday Adams are my go-tos. 
  5. Halloween foods? Snickers candy bars, frozen. 


  1. Halloween punch? The only Halloween punch I’ve ever had I would not recommend to the public—it was more like poison. RIP my liver. 
  2. Halloween wine ideas? Add edible glitter to your wine glass – festivity combined with enjoying a drink you know you like. 
  3. Halloween memories? One of my faves: grabbing an iced coffee at my favorite local shop and strolling a Halloween-decked out neighborhood. I love admiring all the decorations and costumes. 
  4. Fave Halloween costumes? Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday of the year. Best ever costume: a Jurassic Park ranger costume that my friend and I made ourselves. 
  5. Halloween foods? Anything and everything pumpkin spice related. This year, I created a Fall baking list for myself. I am the overzealous person asking the Trader Joe’s employees when the fall goods are dropping [in August…]. Trader Joe’s gummy candy is amazing (highly recommend the spooky bats and cats gummies and their pumpkin chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie mix). 


  1. Halloween punch? Halloween sangria, with apples and blackberries/ other dark fruit. 
  2. Halloween wine ideas? Fall spritzers with apple, cinnamon, other fall flavors.
  3. Halloween memories? Never being allowed to buy costumes and always being forced to make my own. 
  4. Fave Halloween costumes? The Shining twins 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️.
  5. Halloween foods? Anything and everything pumpkin spice. Specifically the Trader Joe’s mini pumpkin and gingerbread flavored ice cream cones. SO good.