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What is the difference between Aerating and Decanting wine?

Why Aerate Wine? Why Decant Wine? And What’s the Difference? Quick: I want you to imagine in your head the actions of a wine connoisseur as she is about to take her first taste of a just-opened bottle. What do you see? Is she swirling the wine around in her glass before sticking her nose […]

4 Things That Make Your Sparkling Wine Pop

What is so special about sparkling wine? “It’s only a champagne blog post if it’s written in the Champagne region of France. Otherwise it’s just sparkling content.” —An internet meme, adapted. You may have seen this meme make its way around the internet, not-so-subtly poking fun at that one person you know who needs to […]

How Can One Grape Create Different Kinds of Wine?

How can one grape yield such different wines?   As someone who loves talking about and sharing wine with people, one of the most frustrating things I can hear from someone is “I don’t like _____ .” Many people have a particular varietal that they’ve decided they don’t, won’t, or can’t enjoy. While this can happen […]

Why You Need To Know About Biodiversity in Wine

Does biodiversity affect my wine? It does, naturally. It’s an unfortunate consequence of marketing, but the term “biodiversity” has become something of a buzzword. And that’s a shame, because it gives the impression that biodiversity is a man-made conceit rather than the natural state of the world as it existed for billions of years.  At […]

How to Host The Best Wine Tasting At Home

My favorite part of this job has to be when I get to host a wine tasting, natty wine-focused or otherwise. Who doesn’t love that? Even as someone who is so into wine he started a business around it, I always feel like I learn something new when I hear the different perspectives from the […]

What is single varietal wine?

Why is single varietal wine the standard for RedThumb Natural Wines? Whenever we’re talking to customers, or doing wine tastings, the topic of single varietal wines inevitably comes up. Like any industry, the wine world is littered with buzzwords. And like a lot of buzzwords, single varietal can often be misunderstood. If you know what […]

5 French Wine Regions You Should Know

Country: France Regions: Bordeaux, Alsace, Champagne, Burgundy, Loire Valley Next up in our series on the world’s great wine regions is France. [ICYMI: We’ve already done one for Spain]. I bet when most people think of wine producing countries, France is at or near the top of the list, and for good reason. The grapes […]

5 Big Ways That Winemakers Manipulate Your Favorite Wine

We talk frequently about the benefits of our approach to winemaking. We believe strongly that the best winemakers make wine with the least amount of intervention, and that the best winemaking is done primarily in the vineyard, before the grapes are harvested.  Why, then, do so many winemakers use additives? When winemakers add things to […]

How Your Powerful Scent Memories Contribute to the Wine Experience

From first dates to birthdays to weddings, wine often is that je ne sais quoi for so many of life’s moments. That’s why so many people collect the corks from the bottles they enjoy on those milestone occasions (the scent of the cork can take you right back to the moment). Have you ever considered […]

How Did We Get Started in the Wine World?

One of the questions I hear most often is “How do I get a job in wine?” From an outsider’sperspective, the wine business can appear very glamorous. While most of the day-to-day stuff is pretty typical [aka your life is governed by email inboxes and spreadsheets], there are moments where working in wine really sets […]