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A Hot Take on the Great Uprise of Non-Alcoholic Wine

The buzz on no buzz Trends in the alcoholic beverage space come and go like yearly harvests. In the last few years we’ve seen wines aged in bourbon barrels [gross], the rise of piquette [weird], the hyper-localization of beer [very cool], and the fast ascent of craft distilled spirits [fascinating]. There is one trend, however, […]

Dave’s Great Adventure to a French Wine Showcase

I recently attended Millesime Bio, a trade show in Montpellier, France, which has been exhibiting 100% organic wines every January since 1993. It was truly massive, with four convention halls full of wine from over 20 countries. I was there to taste and learn, and to hopefully find an opportunity to source new varietals for […]

How To Properly Order Natural Wine at a Restaurant

We’ve all been there One of life’s great pleasures is a night out at an exciting restaurant. Delicious food, attentive hospitality, and swanky surroundings all make for a memorable experience. There can be a bit of anxiety, of course, when someone hands you the wine list. Whether it’s a tight 8-bottle list or massive binder […]

Rosé: An Important Discussion on Popularity

Has rosé jumped the shark? [Spoiler: no, it hasn’t.] When Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli [aka Fonzie, aka the Fonz] donned a pair of water-skis in 1977 and jumped over a live shark in an episode of the then-wildly popular hit TV show Happy Days, there were certainly reasons to be excited about the stunt. It should […]

How Can Restaurants Consider Natural Wine On Their Menus?

Where can natural wine fit in? It’s not breaking news that there are more natural wines on restaurant menus than ever before. I’d love to give you a statistic supporting this claim, but “natural wine” is difficult to classify. Still, talk to a sommelier at a restaurant and I bet they’ve got some thoughts on […]

Why It’s So Important to Find the Right Wine Distributor

“Swiping right”: On finding the right wine distributor A few years into running RedThumb, I’ve come to believe that the right distributor holds the key to increasing the availability and understanding of natural wine. A quick refresher: Each state requires a third party – [in our case, between us and those who will ultimately consume […]

10 Wine Festivals You Need to Attend in 2024

You could go outside and touch grass, or go to a wine festival If you’re reading this I can assume two things. One, you’ve managed to climb out of the 2023 muck [hopefully not battered or too badly beaten], and will soon find yourself basking in the optimistic glow of freshly minted 2024. Congratulations! Let’s […]

What is the difference between organic wine vs. organic grapes?

Organic wine standards: what to trust If you’ve spent any time reading labels in your local wine shop [something we highly recommend] you’ve no doubt encountered various claims and certifications on labels: organic wine, made with organic grapes, biodynamic, sustainable, natural. What do these terms mean, and how do they differ from each other? Essentially, […]

What is the difference between Aerating and Decanting wine?

Why Aerate Wine? Why Decant Wine? And What’s the Difference? Quick: I want you to imagine in your head the actions of a wine connoisseur as she is about to take her first taste of a just-opened bottle. What do you see? Is she swirling the wine around in her glass before sticking her nose […]

4 Things That Make Your Sparkling Wine Pop

What is so special about sparkling wine? “It’s only a champagne blog post if it’s written in the Champagne region of France. Otherwise it’s just sparkling content.” —An internet meme, adapted. You may have seen this meme make its way around the internet, not-so-subtly poking fun at that one person you know who needs to […]