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What we’re about:
delicious natural wine for all.

We’re on a mission to make great natural wine you can afford and reliably find.

Dave and Diego — wine industry professionals and friends from college — founded RedThumb Natural Wines to prove:

You don’t have to live in L.A. or N.Y. to have access to killer natural wine.
You can be transparent about your winemaking standards and what you put in your wine.
You can make a lot of natural wine without trashing the environment.
Diego Vasquez | Founder of RedThumb Natural Wines
David Schavone | Founder of RedThumb Natural Wines

Our Story

RedThumb founders Dave Schavone and Diego Vasquez met in college in New Orleans in the early aughts, then parted ways for different states and careers in the wine industry. As a wine buyer for both a big national chain and then a boutique wineseller, Dave grappled with the same dilemma: how to get a consistent supply of the natural wines he and a growing cohort of his customers wanted to drink.

Meanwhile, Diego moved from serving at their college dive bar to sommelier at Commander’s Palace to overseeing the liquor program for all Wynn Hotel restaurants in Las Vegas. Despite being all up in the wine world, Diego was blown away by the enthusiasm — both of the winemakers and the wine drinkers — that he saw at the natural wine shows where he and Dave would meet up.

A few years, many shows and several trips to France and Spain later, the two founded RedThumb Natural Wines.