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Great natural wines,
no dirty secrets.

Great natural wines,
no dirty secrets.

RedThumb Natural Wine | 2019 Grenache Rose

Less is more.

RedThumb Natural Wines are made from just two ingredients: organic grapes and a touch of sulfur added at bottling.

Your new favorite table wine.

We are here for the [sustainable] party people.
Our aspiration? To be the empty-bottle-as-evidence of a time well had.

front and center.

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Natural, clean, low intervention, what have you… the list of buzzwords is ever changing. We care about taste and transparency.
You should know what’s in your glass, and we don’t expect you to take our word for it. That’s why we put our standards and nutritional info on every bottle, and verify our claims with independent lab tests.
RedThumb Natural Wine | Tempranillo | 2021

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What's in my Wine?

RedThumb Natural Wine | Organic Grapes

Organic Grapes

Biodynamically farmed for the highest quality
RedThumb Natural Wine | Native Yeast Fermentation

Native Yeast Fermentation

Highlights the taste of the region
RedThumb Natural Wine | No Sulfites Added

Minimal Sulfites

Just enough added at bottling to keep wine stable
RedThumb Natural Wine | Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

No animal products used in the winemaking process

Only Two Ingredients

Organic grapes and a touch of sulfur

RedThumb Natural Wine | Dry-Farmed

Dry-farmed Grapes

No irrigation = more concentrated flavor & better land stewardship
RedThumb Natural Wine | No Sugar Added

No Added Sugars

Allows the flavors to
develop naturally

RedThumb Natural Wine | Natural Farming Practices

Natural Farming Practices

In keeping with traditional [ read: good for the earth ] growing methods